4 Areas of Daily Life That is Constantly Evolving Because of Increased Connectivity and Technology Advancements

The Internet and all it brings has changed the way people live, consume, work, communicate, and travel. So many areas of life have been influenced and, for the most part, been improved through being connected. In this article, we have a look at the areas in which increased connectivity is changing the world and how people do things.


For most of the past, work was considered to be a building where you had to go everyday. Today, work is no longer a place, but rather just an action. It is something you do. Many people are now doing jobs from home or able to do any work from remote locations. Connectivity and other technologies have changed the way we work. In the coming years, we will very likely see the creation of online and other job roles that we haven’t even thought of.


With the access to Internet almost anywhere you go, we have become the media. We take pictures and videos and post them all over social media. There is no longer a barrier on what people can see or not. Anyone can publish news or things that are happening as they are happening. This is bad for newspapers, news channels, and magazines. Some are forced to close their doors or go virtual.


In future, your smartphone or computer will be your fitness coach or diet monitor. The technology to check calories, keep track of exercise and calories burned, and what we are eating already exists. Soon someone will put this all together and create a fitness and health buddy that you can take anywhere and that will monitor your every move and bite.


Our cars will become fully connected within the next few years, according to experts. This means that you will have access to the Internet in your car. It also means that many functions from GPS to placing reservations, locking and unlocking, starting, etc. will be done through your car’s data connection. These cars will also be green as they will either run on electricity or save on fuel consumption by using the faster or shorter route to travel.

This will all happen in the very near future thanks to our increased connectivity and constant advances in technology.