Write for Us

If you are a fellow geek or nerd or just someone interested in technology, connectivity, and communications, please contact us. We are looking for writers that will stay on top of new developments and can give creative and insightful opinions. Our team works fast and collaborates often and well. We bounce ideas off each other and often have interesting arguments.

If you have the following information at hand and meet the requirements, email us and we will look into making you part of the team.

  • A name and surname
  • Valid contact information
  • You are not a robot
  • You can show us knowledge of technology and other things cyber
  • You work in a field related to our content and niche
  • You are not a robot
  • You can convince us to allow you to join our team through writing a strong motivation
  • You can write a 350 to 400-word original article on a niche related topic

We look forward to receiving your information and articles. If you turn out to be a robot, we will have to reject your application. We might use you for some office cleaning or cooking duties.

Get up, link up, and get started on a new adventure.